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Bathroom Essentials



Bath towels are major bathroom essentials. They are used to wipe, dry, decorate and wash. But what qualifies as a good quality towel? Towels should be judged on softness, material, thickness, durability and weight.

Maple Harbour’s bath towels are high-quality, soft, and woven with cotton, which means that they naturally attract liquid. A quality towel will also feel much heavier than it appears to be.

  • - Quick tip: When washing avoid fabric softener; it will add a coating to the towel that will prevent proper absorption.
  • - Care tip: Always wash the towel before first use, and avoid high dryer heat, which can damage the towels fabric. (*The care label should always be read before being washed).
Consider towel attributes and aesthetics. What do you look for in a towel?
  1. Softness
  2. High Absorbency Rate
  3. Large in Size
  4. Variety of Colors
  5. Durability
  6. Weight
Did you know…?

Maple Harbour bath towels are extra-large in size (35.5” x 71”)! They are 5 inches larger in width and 10 inches larger in height than the average American/Canadian towel dimensions, to ensure quality comfort and snuggle.

Shower Curtains

shower curtain

Shower curtains are a great accessory for your bathroom. They are not only practical but can add a personal flare and style to your space. When choosing a shower curtain keep in mind the current decor and style of the home. Take into consideration the length: generally shorter curtains look more casual, whereas longer curtains (that touch the floor) look more elegant.

Shower curtains can be made of plastic (fully waterproof) or fabric (which require a liner)

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