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Bedspread Sizes
Twin 68" x 90"
Full 83" x 90"
Full/Queen 86" x 90"
Queen 90" x 90"
King 104" x 92"
California King 106" x 92"

Did you know that the average person spends approximately 229, 961 hours in bed sleeping? No wonder people spend so much time choosing the right bedding and bedding accessories. They search for quality, durability and a great level of comfort. Incidentally, bedding is also a key player in the overall look of our bedrooms.

We strive for a certain style, look and fashion. We do not only spend a shocking amount of time sleeping in our beds but it is also the focal point of our rooms, and the first thing people see when they enter our bedroom.



Comforters are used as a bedspread for decorative purposes or for warmth. They are a single decorative cover filled with fiberfill batting, and are machine quilted to become thick and durable. Its edges are sewn shut and are often quite fluffy. Our comforters are typically sold in sets but are also occasionally sold as separate items. All of our comforters are made using polyester or a cotton blend.



There are two parts to a duvet: the duvet cover and the duvet filling. The duvet cover is a decorative bedspread that is not completely sewn shut. It has an opening in order for you to add in a duvet filling. Duvet fillings come in many forms depending on your sleeping preference. Duvets could be filled with polyester filling, goose down, feathers, or manufactured fibers. All of which have their own specific qualities.

The advantage of duvets:
  1. Their possibility of changeability. If you are the type of person that loves switching up their bedding or redecorates quite often, duvets are a perfect choice. You can easily and affordably change up the look of your bedroom by simply replacing the duvet cover and keeping the filling. It is a smart way to revamp your space without having to buy another comforter.
  2. You can also buy two separate filings for seasonal purposes; one that is warmer for the winter time and one that is lighter for the summer time. It can be difficult to buy duvet fillings, especially online. That is why at Maple Harbour we have created a product details section for our buyers to know the exact specs, dimensions and materials that we use.



Quilts are an alternative to bedcovers. They are made of a top layer, an insulating layer and a bottom layer. All Maple Harbour quilts are made with either cotton or polyester and secured with tiny, even quilting stitches. Apart from a decorative coverlet, a quilt is mostly used for its warmth.



A bed sheet set is composed of three items, the first is a contour sheet that goes directly on top your mattress, the second is a bed sheet that you will use to cover yourself during the night, and lastly two pillowcases that you can place over your pillows.

Choosing the right sheets for your comfort all come down to four details:
  1. Weight
  2. Texture
  3. Appearance
  4. Value
Queen Dimensions
Fitted Sheet 60" x 80"
Flat Sheet 90" x 102"
(Pillowcase) (20" x 30")
King Dimensions
Fitted Sheet 78" x 80"
Flat Sheet 108" x 102"
(Pillowcase) (20" x 40")

Buying the right sheets can play a big role in how well you sleep at night. Maple Harbour bed sheet sets are ideal if you are looking for breathable, lightweight sheets that are extremely soft in texture. Our sheets and pillowcases are made from: cotton, cotton blend, polyester, or polysatin. These types of materials absorb moisture and evaporate it into the surrounding air, without feeling damp. They are the most popular choice for year-round as they fit ideally for both warm and cool sleepers.


Blankets are the most multi-purpose bedding accessory. They are an extremely important and versatile piece to your bed. They can be used:
  1. To decorate
  2. For extra warmth
  3. To create a layered look
Choosing the ideal blanket for your lifestyle depends on:
  1. Fabric
  2. Warmth
  3. Size
  4. Design
Blanket Sizes
Throw 50" x 70"
Twin 66" x 90"
Full/Queen 90" x 90"
King 111" x 90"

Throws can be made with either natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool, silk) or synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon). All Maple Harbour fabrics are absorbent to allow for maximum possible comfort. If allergies are a concern, it is recommended to opt for a blanket made out of cotton and to regularly wash it in hot water.

Bed Skirts

bed skirt

Our bed skirts or dust ruffles, are three sided skirts that cover the space between the top of the box spring and a couple centimeters above the floor. Its purpose, apart from adding a decorative flair to the bed, is to hide its under-bed area and to keep it dust free. Bed skirts come in varying type of styles, however, the most popular ones are shirred or gathered ones. A bed skirt is used because it:

  1. Hides the under bed
  2. Keeps it free of dust


Pillows are the most frequently bought items in bedding. Did you know there are over 70 types and categories of pillows? Just like clothes pillows come in various styles, cuts, materials, and plumpness. They are a vital part in ensuring a good nights sleep. Make sure you know what type of pillow is best for your body and lifestyle.

Pillows can be divided into two main sections:
  1. Standard pillows: pillows that you use to sleep on every night.
  2. Decorative pillows: pillows that are used to embellish your comforter and decor.

Standard Pillows

standard pillows

Standard pillows are your basic sleeping pillows and part of your white essentials. They are a necessity for every bed. They can come hard or soft, plump or flat, even oversized or undersized. What is important to note, however, is what it is filled with.

Maple Harbour pillows are filled using:
  1. A natural fill which is feather, down or a combination of both.
  2. A synthetic fill which is a man-made fill of most often polyester or microfiber.
Pillow Sizes
Standard Pillow 20" x 26"
Standard Queen Pillow 20" x 30"
Standard King Pillow 20" x 36"

Natural pillow fillers are on the high-end of the spectrum because they have more fill power and are very durable. Those with synthetic pillow filling are the most affordable types of pillows. They are hypoallergenic but do not conform to the head and neck like that of natural fill pillows. Standard pillows can also be filled with foam or memory foam, which are sponge-like pillows that mold perfectly to your neck and head for extra support. Standard pillows are ideal for all sleep positions, of course, depending on their filling.

Your ideal standard pillow should also have an outer-shell that is right for your preferred filling. For example, if you enjoy a feather filling make sure the pillow has a soft microfiber shell to prevent the feathers from popping out of the pillow and pricking you while you sleep. Or, if you have a microfiber filling make sure your outer shell is made with 100% cotton for maximum comfort.

Throw Pillows

throw pillows

A throw pillow also referred to as a decorative pillow is usually a small pillow but comes in many different shapes and sizes. They are excellent at emphasizing a theme, or adding color, style and pattern to your room. They can be made in any size and found in a number of various fabrics and materials.

Euro Shams

euro shams

A Euro sham or a continental pillow that is a large square. It is a decorative pillow that sits at the back against the headboard. The are essential in building your pillow foundation, and can add the perfect pop of color or texture to your bed.

Pillow Shams

pillow shams

A pillow sham is a medium sized rectangular pillow, similar to the standard pillow, but does not open on the side, instead it has a border of extra fabric that extends around it. Pillow shams are usually embellished with decorative designs and patterns, and are essential to creating a complete polished look.

Decorating Example

pillow decorating example

A: Throw Pillows   B: Pillow Shams   C: Euro Shams

Bedding Terminology


Refers to a needlework technique, in which pieces of fabric are embroidered onto another fabric to create a design.


Bed-in-a-bag is a bedding ensemble that comes in a single bag or package. Standard sets come with a bed covering (comforter, duvet, quilt), and a set of pillow shams. Elaborate sets will offer a set of matching sheets with pillowcases and a bed skirt.


A narrow piece of fabric that has been sewn all around the edges of another piece of fabric.

Breakfast pillow

Rectangular-shaped decorative bed pillow.

Cotton batting

The layer of compressed cotton fibers used as the fill within a quilt.


Fabric blended with a higher percentage of cotton, to give the product more of cotton's natural characteristics (softness and breathability).


Decorative, ornamental needlework used to dress up fabric. Can be done by machine or by hand.

Flanged border

A decorative strip that runs around the edges of a pillow sham, flat sheet or duvet cover. This gives pieces a more finished, formal look.


A small decorative stitch that creates small perforated holes in the fabric. It traditionally runs along a border or hem of a duvet cover, flat sheet or pillowcases.


This mean that the fabric has a lower incidence of allergic reaction, either naturally or through special washes or treatments.


A thin decorative trim used to finish a hem.


The outer layer or cover of a comforter.

Split corners

On bed skirts, the corners at the foot of the bed are constructed without seams to create an opening to accommodate bed posts.


A window treatment that covers the top of the window, as well as, the drapery hardware. It is made of matching or contrasting fabric, often with a casing at the top.

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