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Curtains are major functional and decorative elements to a home. They provide:

  1. Darkness
  2. Privacy
  3. Style
  4. Embellishment

When choosing curtains consider the mood of the room you want to achieve, ideally they should reflect the style that you are aiming for. Then take into account its color, print, pattern, thickness, and most importantly its length.


Depending on the window size Maple Harbour offers two looks:

  • - “Just hitting the floor” look
  • - “Slightly overflowing onto the floor” look

The “just hit the floor” look is when the bottom of the fabric just hovers about an inch over the floor, and makes your windows seem larger than they actually are. This classic look is great if you’ll be opening and closing your drapes frequently, which will allow the curtain to easily fall back into place every time you move them.

The “slightly overflowing onto the floor” look is when the bottom of the fabric puddles onto the floor about one to three inches. This look is relaxed and very trendy. Although they require more work than the latter. It will give the space a romantic, bohemian vibe.


Your curtains fabric is a major factor in how your room will feel. Curtains made out of cotton, for example, are excellent at allowing light to shine through, are very easy to clean, and give off a bright airy feeling. Linen and blends allow for moderate light to shine through, and give your room a casual, tailored look. Wools and Velvets, on the other hand, are great for not only blocking out light completely, but also reducing noise and cold or warm temperatures. However, whatever material you choose the style of the curtain remains the ultimate decorative addition. A neutral toned curtain can allow your windows to blend in, or a bright, vibrant patterned one can make a fun statement and focal point.


rod pocket curtain

A channel at the top hem of the curtain that hold the rod. This method allows for a casual gathered effect, and is perfect for keeping your curtains in place.

grommet curtain

The rings on the top edge strip of the curtain. This method allows for easy installation, and is perfect for sliding the fabric back and forth with ease.

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